Streaming music can be a fair trade.

The current royalty distribution system is tilted heavily towards businesses, not artists. With fairmus, artists can actually get paid fairly and transparently for their creative work.

User’s subscription fee is only divided between the artists they listen to. If you listen to 2 artists equally, the revenue is split between them.


Listening time is added up from the first second


Get paid proportionally, based on the actual listening time


Full transparency and real-time access to the listening data

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Everyone is equal

Everyone is equal on the platform, no special deals.

No free versions

All listeners start paying after the trial period ends.

No middlemen

Right holders can upload songs directly, no middlemen needed.

Honoring fans

You’re paid by actual fans who stream your music.


The platform only takes 10% commission.

Take control

Your music is your asset – don’t give it away for free.

Start listening today

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Get in!

If you’re an artist, publisher or record label, add fairmus to your arsenal. It’ll be good. We’ll show you.